Sentence Examples with the word eastern united states

The old-world species is also extensively cultivated in California, but the grape industry of the eastern United States has been developed from native species, chiefly V.

The bull-frog of the eastern United States and Canada, reaching a length of nearly 8 in.

Throughout eastern United States shell-heaps, quarries, workshops and camp sites are in abundance.

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From Oil Creek, development spread first over the eastern United States and then became general, subsequently embracing Canada (1862), recently discovered fields being those of Illinois, Alberta and California (44,854,737 barrels in 1908).

An important geological characteristic of most of the Cordilferan region is that the Carboniferous strata, which in western Europe and the eastern United States contain many coal seams, are represented in the western United States by a marine limestone; and that the important unconformity which in Europe and the eastern United States separates the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic eras does not occur in the western United States, where the formations over a great area follow in conformable sequence from early Palaeozoic through the Mesozoic.