Sentence Examples with the word eastern church

In the Western Church the Gloria Patri is repeated at the close of every psalm, in the Eastern Church at the close of the last psalm.

The popes were under the constant sway of two contrary influences - on the one hand, the seducing prospect of subduing the Eastern Church and triumphing over the schism, and, on the other, the apprehension of seeing the Normans of Sicily, their competitors in Italy, increasing their already formidable power by successful expeditions into the Balkan Peninsula.

He also published An Introduction to the History of the Holy Eastern Church (1850, 2 vols.); History of the so-called Jansenist Church of Holland (1858); Essays on Liturgiology and Church History (1863); and many other works.

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It has ever been the policy of Rome to efface national distinctions, but under the shadow of the Eastern Church national churches have grown and flourished.

The use of tEparr6fToXos in this sense by the Orthodox Eastern Church to-day) - would help to account for the apostolic claims of the missionaries censured in Rev. ii.

And to this day in the Eastern Church the infant is baptized, anointed and communicated by the parish priest in the course of a single service; and thus the bishop and the laying on of hands have disappeared from the ordinary service of confirmation.

The early history of the Eastern Church is outlined in the article Church History.

In the Orthodox Eastern Church the mitre (Gr.

The festal character of the Sabbath was long recognized in a modified form in the Eastern church by a prohibition of fasting on that day, which was also a point in the Jewish Sabbath law (comp. Judith viii.

The Eastern Church affirms belief in an intermediate state after death, but the belief is otherwise as vague as the expressions of the pre-Nicene fathers on the subject.