Sentence Examples with the word easter day

Soon after Easter Day he came in sight of the coast of Florida, probably near the mouth of the St Johns river.

Briefly, it may be explained here that Easter day is the first Sunday after the full moon following the vernal equinox.

The book itself, however, falls into five sections: - (a) from Advent to Christmas (cc. 1-5); (b) from Christmas to Septuagesima (6-30); (c) from Septuagesima to Easter (31-53) (d) from Easter Day to the octave of Pentecost (54-76); (e) from the octave of Pentecost to Advent (77-180).

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The concordat was solemnly promulgated on Easter Day 1802, but the government had added to it unilateral provisions of Gallican tendencies, which were known as the Organic Articles.

On Easter day an altar was erected, mass celebrated in presence of the natives, the country declared an apanage of Portugal, and a stone cross erected in commemoration of the event.

Admiral Roggeveen reached it on Easter day 1722; in 1774 Captain Cook discovered it anew and called it Teapi or Waihu.

The cathedral occupies the site of the wooden church in which King Edwin was baptized by Paulinus on Easter Day 627.