Sentence Examples with the word east-west

The Eastern Command Center had served as the headquarters for the Eastern armies during the East-West Civil War.

I was on their first team in the East-West War.

A few more stragglers, rumors of a new East-West War, Mike summarized with a shrug.

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It's a series of bunkers connected by tunnels, set up by the PMF to protect the people during the East-West War.

Rumor has it they're trying to revive the East-West War.

We took a lesson from the East-West War and created bunkers and tunnels between cities to escape the eyes of the feds.

There were likely some nasty security features on the other side of the Mississippi left over from the East-West Civil War.

Brady's arm of the militia, the Appalachia Branch, stretched from northern Georgia up through Virginia and was one of the largest in the PMF, the only thing good to come of the East-West Civil War.

The highest parts of the range have generally an east-west strike and the range itself is continued east in the Kokteke (12,300 ft.), with the Kui-kuleh pass at an altitude of II,500 ft.

If anything, the strikes look like something that would've occurred during the East-West Civil War.