Sentence Examples with the word east indian

They had to sacrifice some of their East Indian possessions and to concede to the English freedom of trade in the Eastern seas.

The East Indian genus Amorphophallus has a similar habit.

Almost from the date of their taking possession of the Cape of Good Hope and its vicinity, the Netherlands East Indian Company instituted annual returns of population, livestock and agricultural produce.

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Pigeons have been very little naturalized; the tame bird has become feral locally in various countries, and the Chinese turtledove (Turtur chinensis) is established in Hawaii, as is the small East Indian zebra dove (Geopelia striata) in the Seychelles, and the allied Australian (G.

The sheaths are much dilated in Alopecurus vaginatus and in a species of Potamochloa, in the latter, an East Indian aquatic grass, serving as floats.

To promote Denmark's carrying trade, treaties were made with the Barbary Frederick States, Genoa and Naples; and the East Indian 1766.

There are several kinds, the chief being the snow or ounce, Chinese, Bengal, Persian, East Indian and African.

Acapulco was long the most important Mexican port on the Pacific, and the only depot for the Spanish fleets plying between Mexico and Spain's East Indian colonies from 1778 until the independence of Mexico, when this trade was lost.

All these, however, are often classed under the above general name, and so are the following: - Deccan or Ambari hemp, Hibiscus cannabinus, an Indian and East Indian malvaceous plant, the fibre from which is often known as brown hemp or Bombay hemp; Pite hemp, which is obtained from the American aloe, Agave americana; and Moorva or bowstring-hemp, Sansevieria zeylanica, which is obtained from an aloe-like plant, and is a native of India and Ceylon.

The main line of the East Indian runs throughout south of the Ganges, which is bridged at Benares and Cawnpore.