Sentence Examples with the word easily

When this is done we have a syntonic system which is not easily affected by electric waves of other than the right period or approximating thereto.

They are more easily reduced than the corresponding chlorates; an aqueous solution of hydriodic acid giving free iodine and a metallic oxide, whilst aqueous hydrochloric acid gives iodine trichloride, chlorine, water and a chloride.

The issue of the struggle was not a complete victory even in Byzantium for the partisans of image-worship. The iconoclasts left an indelible impress on the Christian art of the Greek Church, in so far as they put an end to the use of graven images; for the Eastern icon is a flat picture, less easily regarded than would be a statue as a nidus within which a spirit can lurk.

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Of cattle, and of the various meat and dairy products classed as provisions, Boston is easily second to New York.

G p Y is especially suitable for churches, assembly halls and large rooms. A stove of special design is placed in a chamber in the basement or cellar, and cold fresh air is passed through it, and led by means of flues to the various apartments for distribution by means of easily regulated inlet valves.

Aurelian overthrew the Palmyran rule; but he was assassinated before he could carry out his intended expedition against Persia, Probus was assassinated before he was able to do anything (or much), and although Carus easily overran Mesopotamia, which became Roman again, and even took Ctesiphon, the Romans retreated on his death (283-4).

He called the Cossack with his horse, told him to put away the knapsack and flask, and swung his heavy person easily into the saddle.

They readily decompose on heating, and are easily hydrolysed by alkalies; they possess a somewhat more acid character than.

The Gods raised them like sheep, because men were more plentiful and more easily replaced than immortals.

To make them run easily and swiftly, the axles of carriages are anointed; and for much the same purpose, some whalers perform an analogous operation upon their boat; they grease the bottom.