Sentence Examples with the word earthenware

Large works of earthenware are established at Znaim and Frain.

An extensive pottery exists in the town, and black earthenware peculiar to the place is manufactured there.

The jack or kitty, as the white earthenware ball to which the bowler bowls is called, is round and 21 to 21 in.

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In case of adhesive clayey subsoil this can generally be secured by placing over the sloping bottom a good layer of coarse rubbly material, communicating with a drain in front to carry off the water, while earthenware drain tubes may be laid beneath the rubble from 8 to To ft.

Thus, in Upper Burma, it was conveyed in earthenware vessels from the wells to the river bank, where it was poured into the holds of boats.

When a number of cables follow the same route, they are generally laid in conduits made up of earthenware or cement ducts; iron pipes are used when the number of cables is small.

In the interior the principal medium of exchange among the natives is the large earthenware jars, imported originally, it is believed, from China, which form the chief wealth both of tribes and individuals.

The principal manufactures of the Malays are cotton and silk cloths, earthenware and silver vessels, mats and native weapons.

It is the chief seat of the manufacture of the porous earthenware water-bottles used all over Egypt.

From the early 17th century, if not earlier, porcelain and earthenware manufactories existed at Stoke-upon-Trent, but they remained unnoticed until in 1686 Dr Plot wrote his survey of Stafford- ' shire.