Sentence Examples with the word earshot

Cynthia ushered the group down the hall to their office, out of earshot and out of sight.

Kris didn.t go far, just far enough to be out of earshot of the Immortals.

His friend of many years stopped well out of earshot and touched the net implant.

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He ambled out of the room, but Dean didn't hear the front door close and assumed he was an earshot away in the hall.

His personal Guardians trailed at a respectful distance, out of earshot but close enough if something happened.

The charm of the personal character of Stevenson and the romantic vicissitudes of his life are so predominant in the minds of all who knew him, or lived within earshot of his legend, that they made the ultimate position which he will take in the history of English literature somewhat difficult to decide.

Intercommunication no doubt takes place; men working together in quarry, brickfield or barrow-run, and out of earshot of their guardians, may and do converse at times.

He moved closer to Dean, out of earshot of the waiting investigators.

The two men found a bench on the edge of the field, out of earshot of the hundreds of campers.

He moved around to the far side of the car, as if to get out of earshot of the house.