Sentence Examples with the word earning

The speed of a cable is given in words per minute, the conventional number of five letters per word being understood, though in actual practice, owing to the extensive use of special codes, the number of letters per word is really between eight and nine; and this forms a considerable factor in lowering the earning capacity of a cable.

The act further provides that if any one for the purpose of earning interest, commission, reward or other profit sends or causes to be sent to a person whom he knows to be an infant any circular or other document which invites the person receiving it to borrow money or to apply to any person or at any place with a view to obtaining information or advice as to borrowing money, he shall be liable, if convicted on indictment, to imprisonment with or without hard labour, or to a fine, or to both imprisonment and fine.

Thus was created a major climbing facility and, in the process, an additional invitation for winter tourists, earning the small town a reputation as a growing Mecca for this exciting and perilous sport.

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Connie immediately assured her that the Giddon's wouldn't be shelling out the money if they didn't think she was earning it.

His uncle, Don Serafin Estebanez Calderon, found him a situation as clerk in the Madrid-Aranjuez railway, but Canovas soon took to journalism and literature, earning enough to support himself and pay for his law studies at the Madrid University.

He just smiled and waved, with his efforts earning a blank stare from the redhead.

During the three years he held this position he carried out researches on the contact of elastic solids, hardness, evaporation and the electric discharge in gases, the last earning him the special commendation of Helmholtz.

Not so the mark system, or the plan of earning remission by steady industry.

Soon he was back in Switzerland, and by 1606 in Frankfort, earning his living by preparing and correcting books for the press.

His controversial ardour was, indeed, somewhat damped by Luther's refusal to answer his arguments, and with a view to earning fresh laurels he turned his attention to Switzerland and the Zwinglians.