Sentence Examples with the word earn

The Free Colonies were designed for the reception of indigent persons, for the purpose of teaching them agriculture, and so enabling them eventually to earn their own living independently.

Truculent pamphieteers like Simon Fish, who wrote Beggars Supplication, were already demanding that these sturdy boobies should be set abroad into the world, to get wives of their own, and earn their living by the sweat of their brows, according to the commandment of God; so might the king be better obeyed, matrimony be better kept, the gospel better preached, and none should rob the poor of his alms. It must be added that monastic scandals were not rare; though the majority of the houses were decently ordered, yet the unexceptionable testimony of archiepiscopal and episcopal visitations shows that in the years just before the Reformation there was a certain number of them where chastity of life and honesty of administration were equally unknown.

His tactics would never earn anything but scorn from Kris, but they worked.

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They wear a special dress, a band of blue cloth on the left arm; they may earn an extra gratuity and spend a part of it in buying extra food or articles of comfort and relaxation; they may take their meals in association, converse at them or at exercise, but not at labour.

The county is under school board jurisdiction and Lerwick has a secondary school, and a few of the other schools earn grants for higher education.

Amnestied in 1755 he returned to France, but soon sank into dire poverty, being forced to earn a pittance for his wife and family as a day labourer.

The topic on Sesame Street was professions, which was the perfect opportunity for Lisa to ask her what Giddon did to earn a living.

The boys were glad to earn 50 bucks and DeLeo was polite enough not to ask why a 74-year-old man was renting a one-way automobile.

The clerics preached and instructed the people, working chiefly among the poor; they also devoted themselves to the copying of manuscripts, in order thereby to earn something for the common fund; and some of them taught in the schools.

He was about twenty-eight years old, and had left Canada and his father's house a dozen years before to work in the States, and earn money to buy a farm with at last, perhaps in his native country.