Sentence Examples with the word e-mail

People who would not take time to write their congressman or a news outlet will easily e-mail them instead.

The e-mail name may look like some crafty gold speculator, but these anonymous offers with no money changing hands sound fictional to me.

It might just wait to see if you go to Tommaso's again the next time you visit San Francisco or scan your e-mail and conversations to see if you mention Tommaso's in passing and evaluate what words you used to describe it.

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Third, e-mail makes so many people accessible that wouldn't be otherwise.

If violence erupts in, say, Turkey, all the millions of people around the world who know someone in Turkey e-mail those contacts and ask for information.

Fred checked the e-mail in case metalman29 had responded, but no such luck.

First, e-mail causes people to communicate more, so it increases overall understanding.

When you want to use an e-mail name that might be already taken, you tack on a number to make it unique.

We shouldn't give ourselves away by using Bird Song's e-mail or mine.

I realize I may get e-mail from every constituency in the food debate, accusing me of being a shill for every other constituency.