Sentence Examples with the word dynastic

There is not a burgh of northern Italy but can trace the rise of a dynastic house to the vicissitudes of this period.

Stone as well as clay and glass were employed in the manufacture of vases, and vases of hard stone have been disinterred at Tello similar to those of the early dynastic period of Egypt.

According to the somatologist Elliott Smith, the most important change in the physical character of the people of Upper Egypt, in the entire range of Egyptian archaeology, took place at the beginning of the dynastic period; and he accounts for this by the mingling of the Lower with the Upper Egyptian population, consequent on the uniting of the two countries under one rule.

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Two of these dynastic compilations have been discovered, unfortunately in an imperfect state.

Had conceived the plan of a dynastic union of the three northern kingdoms, but such difficulties presented themselves that the scheme had to be abandoned.

It seems possible even that the ancient tradition which recorded an earlier or later king of the name of Minos may, as suggested above, cover a dynastic title.

Into order, when Henry was called abroad by a rebellion raised in Anjou by his brother Geoffreythe first of the innumerable dynastic troubles abroad which continued throughout his reign to distract his attention from his duties as an English king.

It served, however, to weaken the prestige of Sagastas administration just when a Dynastic Left was being formed by some discontented Liberals, headed by Marshal Serrano and his nephew, General Lopez-Dominguez.

Henry's reign then entered on its last phase of dynastic struggle.

After his abdication Northumbrian history degenerates into a record of dynastic murders.