Sentence Examples with the word dynamometer

In a dynamometer used by F.

In., and the dynamometer showed a thrust of more than 2100 lb.

See also DYNAMOMETER for illustrations of the use of what are essentially friction-straps of different forms for the measurement of the brake horse-power of an engine or motor.

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This corrected pull is then divided by the weight of the vehicles hauled, in which must be included the weight of the dynamometer car, and the quotient gives the resistance per ton of load hauled at a certain uniform speed on a straight and level road.

The spring of the dynamometer car used by W.

In this case both the fixed and movable circuits consist of fine wires, and the instrument is constructed and used in a manner similar to the Siemens dynamometer employed for measuring continuous alternating current (see Amperemeter).

The weighing beam in the Hefner-Alteneck dynamometer is placed transversely to the belt (see Electrotechnischen Zeitschrift, 1881, 7).

In the Ayrton and Perry transmission dynamometer or spring coupling of this type, FIG.

Using these buoys to guide the direction of tow, a grapnel, a species of fivepronged anchor, attached to a strong compound rope formed of strands of steel and manila, is lowered to the bottom and dragged at a slow speed, as it were ploughing a furrow in the sea bottom, in a line at right angles to the cable route, until the behaviour of the dynamometer shows that the cable is hooked.

The fixed and suspended coils of the dynamometer are respectively connected in series with the magnetizing solenoid and with a secondary wound upon the specimen.