Sentence Examples with the word dynamite

Franchise, and also for a more liberal commercial policy in the matter of railways, dynamite and customs dues, began to be made.

During this period many immigrant labourers settled here; for the ironworks and dynamite factory of Baracaldo prospered greatly, owing to the increased output of the Biscayan mines, the extension of railways in the neighbourhood, and the growth of shipping at Bilbao.

They urged, among other things, due enforcement of the liquor law, more police protection, the abolition of the dynamite concession, and that foodstuffs should be duty free.

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It has medieval buildings of some interest, but is mainly remarkable for its large dynamite factory, employing over Soo workman.

On the assumption of uniform pressure up the bore, practically realizable in a Zalinski pneumatic dynamite gun, the pressure-curve would be the straight line HK of fig.

In this year the campaign of outrage in Ireland was reinforced by one of dynamite in Great Britain.

To prevent the freezing of nitroglycerin in dynamite it has been proposed to add various substances, such as chlordinitroglycerin, nitrated diglycerin or tetranitrodiglycerol, and also mono-and di-nitroglycerin.

The manufactories include rice mills, saw mills, sash, door and blind factories, shingle mills, iron works, oil refineries, broom factories and a dynamite factory.

Phosphates and chemical manures; calcitim carbide; explosivi powder; dynamite and other explosives.

The disclosure, soon afterwards, of a conspiracy to resort to dynamite still further alienated the sympathies of the Liberal party from the Irish nation.