Sentence Examples with the word dyed

Many squirrellock linings are dyed blue and brown and used for the outside of cheap garments.

When dyed dark blue or skunk colour it is good-looking and is sold widely in Europe.

The gangly youth before him had dyed his hair from platinum back to its natural color of black.

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The colour is a light fawn, but it is so pale that it lends itself to be dyed any colour.

The skins that are not perfectly white are dyed jet black, dark or light smoke, violet-blue, blue-grey, and also in imitation of the drab shades of the natural blue.

Some of the poorer sorts of furs, such as hamster, marmot, Chinese goats and lambs, Tatar ponies, weasels, kaluga, various monkeys, antelopes, foxes, otters, jackals and others from the warmer zones, which until recently were neglected on account of their inferior quality of colour, by the better class of the trade, are now being deftly dressed or dyed in Europe and America, and good effects are produced, although the lack of quality when compared with the better furs from colder climates which possess full top hair, close underwool and supple leathers, is readily manifest.

Many of the swamp sort are dyed to imitate skunk and look well.

The worst coloured skins are dyed black or brown and are used for British military busbies, or caps, st(des, boas, muffs and coachmen's capes.

Naturally white-blonde, she'd dyed it pink on a whim last weekend.

These native cloths are exceedingly durable, and many of them are ornamented by using dyed yarns and in other ways: Southern Nigeria (Lagos) and northern Nigeria are the most important cotton countries amongst the British possessions on the coast.