Sentence Examples with the word dwindling

Below this the watershed of the Apennines is too near to the sea on that side to allow the formation of any large streams. Hence the rivers that flow in the opposite direction into the Adriatic and the Gulf of Taranto have much longer courses, though all partake of the character of mountain torrents, rushing down with great violence in winter and after storms, but dwindling in the summer into scanty streams, which hold a winding and sluggish course through the great plains of Apulia.

Hardly half a dozen monasteries survive, inhabited by small and ever dwindling communities.

The Uzbeg rule in Turkestan has during the last fifty years been rapidly dwindling before the growth of Russian power.

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For fifteen sun-cycles, Anshan women had borne no male children, and drought and dwindling supplies of the ore that made his dhjan wealthy and respected had driven his planet into abject poverty.

Apart from the rivalry of the factions within the Assembly, there was the question of the Mussulman minority, dwindling it is true,' but still a force to be reckoned with.

Supported by only small and dwindling majorities, they saw that it was hopeless to carry the measure, and they decided on placing their resignations in the queens hands.

An inspector of the board or of the local authority was by the same act authorized to enter premises and examine sheep. Each year the disorder runs a similar course, the outbreaks dwindling to a minimum in the summer months, June to August, and attaining a maximum in the winter months, December to February.

Nevertheless, Howie's funds were dwindling rapidly.

By the end of the century, however, its prosperity had sunk owing to the perpetual feud with Mainz, the internecine war in Saxony, and the consequent dwindling of trade.

A series of heavy combats revealed his Pontefract in 1536, during the Pilgrimage of Grace, the archbishop, and Grant pursued the dwindling remnants of Lee's was compelled to join the rebels, but he did not sympathize with purpose army t o the westward.