Sentence Examples with the word dwell on

It was not his place, as a practical philanthropist, to dwell on the defects in this coincidence; 2 and since what men generally expect from a moralist is a completely 1 This list gives twelve out of the fourteen classes in which Bentham arranges the springs of action, omitting the religious sanction (mentioned afterwards), and the pleasures and pains of self-interest, which include all the other classes except sympathy and antipathy.

The great event they dwell on is the bursting of the dam of Ma'rib, which led to the emigration northwards of the Yemenite tribes.

The future is frightening if you dwell on it.

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It's useless to dwell on what might've been.

Next day Prince Andrew thought of the ball, but his mind did not dwell on it long.

The volume which describes her conventual life is as graphic as Miss Brontes Villette, but we can only dwell on one passage of it.

Some Thysanoptera habitually dwell on the under-surface of leaves, and others periodically migrate to roots.

I wasn't ready to dwell on motives or feelings so I changed the subject.

Unable to dwell on how Hell knew what she liked for breakfast, she wolfed down the pastries and a banana before crossing to the bathroom for a shower.

It is unnecessary here to dwell on the precautions which can only be conveniently acquired by experience; a sound appreciation of analytical methods is only possible after the reactions and characters of individual substances have been studied, and we therefore refer the reader to the articles on the particular elements and compounds for more information on this subject.