Sentence Examples with the word durability

Owing to its durability the wood was employed for mummy cases, and images of the gods; .....

The heartwood of the finer kinds of Scotch fir is of a deep brownish-red colour, abounding in the resin to which its durability is probably due.

As the durability of the electro-deposited coat on plated wares of all kinds is of the utmost importance, the greatest care must be taken to ensure its complete adhesion.

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The superior beauty of colour and durability of old specimens of lead is owing to the natural presence of a small proportion of silver.

Comparative Durability of Various Furs and Weight of Unlined Skins per Square Foot.

Iron-wood, remarkable for the durability of its timber, is abundant; it is used by the natives for the pillars of their homes and forms an article of export, chiefly to HongKong.

The durability and the extraordinary ductility and pliancy of gold, its power of being subdivided, drawn out or flattened into wire or leaf of almost infinite fineness, have led to its being used for works where great minuteness and delicacy of execution were required; while its beauty and rarity have, for the most part, limited its use to objects of adornment and luxury, as distinct from those of utility.

Motoring or driving coat, full length Weight and Durability of Furs for Men's Coat Linings.

In beauty, durability and delicacy of surface it is very inferior to bronze, and, though of some commercial importance, has been of but little use in the production of works of art.

Further, an improvement of a technical character was recently made, which has the effect of adding greatly to the durability of these embroideries.