Sentence Examples with the word dungeness

The name Dungeness has also been applied elsewhere; thus the point on the north side of the eastern entrance to Magellan Strait is so called, and there is a town of Dungeness near a promontory on the coast of Washington, U.S.A. (Strait of Juan de Fuca).

The county is roughly triangular in form, London lying at the apex of the western angle, the North Foreland at that of the eastern and Dungeness at that of the southern.

In 1881 a treaty was signed which provided that the boundary line should follow the highest crests of the Andes forming the watershed as far south as the 52nd parallel,thence east to the 10th meridian and south-east to Cape Dungeness at the eastern entrance to the Straits of Magellan.

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Holmes had made a magneto machine with multiple permanent magnets which was installed in 1862 in Dungeness lighthouse.

HENRY CHARLES FLEEMING JENKIN (1833-1885), British engineer, was born near Dungeness on the 25th of March 1833, his father (d.