Sentence Examples with the word dumped

She grabbed a handful of beads and dumped them into the bin, stopping when the flash of red caught her attention.

She paused to consider her options again then dumped out what he'd started.

Though her hair was pink, there was no mistaking the delicate facial features, porcelain skin and large eyes of the woman who tormented him his entire life then dumped the underworld on him.

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She quickly put the plates in the dishwasher and dumped the stale water from the frying pan.

Dean dumped some sort of casserole, frozen and packaged, into the oven without bothering to read what would emerge as their supper.

These winzes serve for ventilation, for the passage of the workmen, and for chutes through which the ore is dumped to the level below.

He gave her the look, the one she knew was meant to remind her of his rules, before he dumped the bottle into the sink.

Someone had dumped her into a heap in her cell, and she felt Lankha's cool, fuzzy hands.

He dumped Penny on her side and pinned her down with one knee.

I'll bet a week of dishwashing that she's dumped the bones.