Sentence Examples with the word dump

Darkyn had said to dump them in the sea.

You kidnap me, trick me into marrying you, dump me here alone without Evelyn or even a pad of paper, with instructions for your sisters to give me behavioral training, and run off to fight some battle somewhere else.

Sorry. New client brought in a dump truck full of receipts and needs his return done by close of business today.

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Dean said, in a volume that caused an elderly matron from Mobile to spill her dominoes and then knee the table and dump her companion's tiles.

I'm hard pressed to figure why any man in his right mind would dump her.

Maybe he wanted to dump a little do-do on your parade...pretend like you were trying to kill him.

We're going to dump everything we don't need.

Betsy picked up a case of a body dump in Illinois and, as it was a slow day, we tried to bracket the unknown time of the corpse's disposal.

While beyond thrilled he was alive, she realized she still wanted to dump him.

She didn't belong in the human world anymore, and yet, she couldn't just dump it.