Sentence Examples with the word drying up

It was a small number of monkish communities whose care of those narrow channels prevented their ever drying up altogether.

It fills a shallow depression which is drying up with astonishing rapidity, so that the process of desiccation can be shown on surveys separated by intervals of only ten years; large parts of it, like Aibughir Gulf, have dried up since the Russians took possession of its shores.

The southern part of Alberta is covered by a short grass, very nutritive, but drying up in the middle of summer until the whole prairie is brown and unattractive.

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But in the 13th century it began to fail, and in 1591 the drying up of the Papireto caused the extinction of the plant in that district.

Many smaller streams discharge into the Paraguay and Parana from the west, some of them wholly dependent upon the rains, and drying up during long droughts.

The persistent bracts (glume and pale) afford an additional protection to the fruit; they protect the embryo, which is near the surface, from too rapid wetting and, when once soaked, from drying up again.

NecrosisA number of diseases the obvious symptoms of which are the local drying up and death of tissues, in many cases with secondary results on organs or parts of organs, may be brought together under this heading.

Such a drying up has been in progress during long geologic ages, but doubt exists as to its practical importance at the present time.

With the drying up of this channel and the closing of Sandwich harbour in the 16th century, the present marshlands or level to the south and west of the isle were left.

In any case, the alterations in level appear to be merely periodic, and due to fluctuations in rainfall, and do not point, as some have supposed, to a secular drying up of the lake.