Sentence Examples with the word dryer

The flora falls naturally into three great divisions: that of the Amazon basin where exceptional conditions of heat and moisture prevail; that of the coast where heat, varying rainfall, oceanic influences and changing seasons have greatly modified the general character of the vegetation; and that of the elevated interior, or sertao, where dryer conditions, rocky surfaces, higher sun temperatures and large open spaces produce a vegetation widely different from those of the other two regions.

The climate of Vancouver Island, especially in the south, is wonderfully mild for the latitude - as mild as that of Great Britain, with dryer summers.

Asparagus contains about Loo species in the dryer warmer parts FIG.

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The western and central portions of the state are in general cooler and dryer than the E., on account of their greater elevation and greater distance from the Gulf Coast.

She did leave something in the dryer and it should be removed before the wrinkles set in it.

I've got to get the stuff out of the dryer before it wrinkles.

Lana drew a deep breath and placed the clothing in the round dryer in the linen closet before returning to the living room.

There's a dryer and a stack of towels next to the shower.

The portal was smaller and dryer than the main mine entrance and seemed to lead downward from this elevated location.

I dashed over, retrieving it from accumulated fuzz balls of dryer lint and used softener sheets.