Sentence Examples with the word dry up

A few shallow salt lakes are filled by rain water, but they dry up on the setting in of the hot weather, leaving a thick crust of salt on their beds, which is used for commercial and domestic purposes.

Impetuous and magnificent streams after heavy rain, they become in the summer mere rivulets, or even dry up altogether.

Some seeds require prolonged immersion in water to soften their shells; others are of so delicate a texture that they would dry up and perish if not kept constantly in a moist atmosphere.

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In the north such formerly important tributaries of the Syr-darya as the Chu, with its sub-tributary the Sary-su, now dry up some hundreds of miles before reaching the main stream.

The cortical tissues gradually shrink and dry up, turning brown and black in patches or all over, and when at length the cambium and medullary ray tissues dry up the whole twig dies off.

The grapes which are attacked cease to grow, turn brown or white, and ultimately dry up and fall off.

The year is divided into a dry and wet season, the first from June to December, when rain rarely falls, the streams dry up and the cameos are burned bare, and the second from January to May when the rains are sometimes heavy and the cameos are covered with luxuriant verdure.

There are numerous lagoons in the Llano districts caused by the periodical floods of the rivers, and extensive esteros and cienagas, in part due to the same causes, but these either dry up in the dry season or are greatly reduced in area.

In truth, it turned out to be one of those problematical whales that seem to dry up and die with a sort of prodigious dyspepsia, or indigestion; leaving their defunct bodies almost entirely bankrupt of anything like oil.

The Wainganga is the principal river in the district, and the only stream that does not dry up in the hot weather, - its affluents within the district being the Bawanthari, Bagh, Kanhan and Chulban.