Sentence Examples with the word dry season

There is no absolutely dry season in this part of the great Brazilian plateau, though the year is customarily divided into a dry and wet season, the latter running from September to April in Goyaz, and from November to April in Matto Grosso.

Up to 1915 the southern terminus of the railway was on the Shire river at Port Herald, which place steamers were unable to reach in the dry season owing to insufficient water.

At the close of the dry season (end of February) cyclones from the N.E., usually accompanied by rain and thunder, burst over the land.

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During the dry season the current reverses and the depression empties so that the lake shrinks to an area of roo sq.

There are numerous lagoons in the Llano districts caused by the periodical floods of the rivers, and extensive esteros and cienagas, in part due to the same causes, but these either dry up in the dry season or are greatly reduced in area.

There is usually a short dry season on the upper Amazon in January and February, which causes two annual floods - that of November - December, and the great flood of March - June.

The long, dry season (April to October), together with occasional devastating droughts (seccas) lasting two or more years, prevents the development of forests and damages the agricultural and pastoral industries of the state.

The Severn down to Worcester, draining 1,256,000 acres of generally flatter land largely of the same lithological character, gave in the dry season from the 1st of July 1887 to the 30th of June 1888 a loss of 17.93 in.

The dry season lasts from October to May, the hottest months appear to be in March and April, when the heat is increased by the burning of the corn and henequen fields.

It is remarkable that the dry season (October to April) is coincident with the period of the west monsoon.