Sentence Examples with the word dropsical

His asthma tormented him day and night, and dropsical symptoms made their appearance.

The subject of the conditions under which dropsical liquids are poured out opens up a very wide question, and one about which there is the greatest diversity of opinion.

It may be asked, however, whether a dropsical tissue is being held in a high state of nutrition, and whether, on the contrary, the presence of lymph in excess in its interstices does not tend to impair its vitality rather than to lend it support.

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After this we have the healing of a dropsical man on the Sabbath, with a reply to the murmuring Pharisees; and then a parable of the failure of invited guests and the filling of their places from the streets.

The quantity of proteid matter in a purely dropsical effusion never amounts to that of an inflammatory exudation (Lassar).

Exudates are poured out under inflammatory conditions, while none of the truly dropsical effusions are of inflammatory origin; and hence the class of exudates, as above defined, may be rejected from the category of liquids we are at present considering.

It is now coming to be recognized that increase of blood pressure alone is not sufficient to account for all dropsical effusions.