Sentence Examples with the word droppings

The droppings of stall-fed horses, or of such as have been kept on dry food, should be made use of.

Bedding plants thrive best in a light loam, liberally manured with thoroughly rotten dung from an old hotbed or thoroughly decomposed cow droppings and leaf-mould.

The huts of this last settlement appear to have had cattle stalls between them, the droppings and litter forming heaps at the lake bottom.

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The soil should be a light and fairly rich compost, comprising about 2 parts loam, I part decayed manure or horse droppings that have been thoroughly sweetened, I part leaf mould and half a part of sand.

The material employed in all cases is the droppings of horses, which should be collected fresh, and spread out in thin layers in a dry place, a portion of the short litter being retained well moistened by horse-urine.

They have a habit of depositing their droppings during successive days on the same spot - a habit appreciated by the Peruvian Indians, who use those deposits for fuel.

Knowledge of the habits of animals and experience are the best guides to the nature of food to be supplied, but the keepers should be required to observe the droppings of their charges and to judge from these of the extent to which any particular substances are being digested.

The droppings are used as fuel, and from the incinerated remains of these sal-ammoniac is extracted, which was at one time largely exported from Egypt.