Sentence Examples with the word droits

Madagascar (Paris, 1894); Rentier, Les droits de la France sur Madagascar (1895) Corlay, Notre campagne a Madagascar(Paris, 1896); Knight,Madagas- car in Wa'-time (London, 1896); Carol, Chez les Hovas (Paris, 1898); Gallieni, Neuf ans a Madagascar (Paris, 1908).

In the course of this work, Dupuy became acquainted with and copied an enormous mass of unpublished documents, which furnished him with the material for some excellent works: Traite des droits et des libertes de l'eglise gallicane, avec les preuves (1639), Histoire del' ordre militaire des Templiers (1654), Histoire generale du schisme qui a ete dans l'eglise depuis 1378 jusqu'd 1428 (1654), and Histoire du differend entre le Pape Boniface VIII et le roi Philippe le Bel (1655).

He had begun his career as a clerk in the French Home Office, but at the outbreak of the Franco-German War he was editing Les Droits de l'homme at Montpellier, and had to take refuge at Geneva in 1871 from a prosecution instituted on account of articles which had appeared in his paper in defence of the Commune.

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Under the empire he was receiver of the droits reunis at Nancy, and lost his money in 1814 in raising a levy of volunteers.

Madagascar Tracts (1882); Oliver, True Story of the French Dispute in Madagascar (London, 1885); Shaw, Madagascar and France (London, 1885); Saillens, Nos droits sur Madagascar (Paris, 1885); K.

The amount of corn shipped was evidently small, the droits being insufficient to keep the pier in repair.

His chief philosophical works were an edition of the The'odicee of Leibnitz (1874), a monograph on Locke (1878), Devoirs et droits de l'homme (1880), Glissonius utrum Leibnitio de natura substantiae cogitanti quidquam tribuerit (1880)-, De La solidarite morale (4th ed., 1893).