Sentence Examples with the word driveway

He turned into a driveway and shut off the truck.

The vantage point from there would let her see anything coming up the driveway or through the forest, though the pines were thick.

Cynthia Byrne was standing at the edge of her driveway when Dean pulled up.

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The blonde slid sunglasses in place, and as she strode to the awaiting Yukon idling in the driveway she threw a glance over her shoulder.

She sped away, and they took off up the driveway with the swordsman trailing.

As it approached time for Alex to get off work the first day, she kept watch on the driveway for his truck.

The house sits on a slight rise, at the end of a long driveway and I had never visited at night.

Lisa started down the driveway as if heading for the road, but once she was out of sight of the house, she circled around through the woods and made her way back to the path.

She grew edgy as they passed the town near the bungalow before pulling up the long driveway to the beach house.

Yully stopped at the end of the driveway and squeezed her eyes closed, tormented by her conscience.