Sentence Examples with the word drive away

Fortunately, her father heard a car drive away so the time of abduction was clearly set.

Some of the native trees have developed ingenious methods of defence, one of which is that of attracting small colonies of another species to drive away the marauders.

He opened negotiations with Cecil, who induced the reluctant Elizabeth to form an alliance with the Lords of the Congregation, and the English sent a fleet to drive away the French, who were endeavouring to keep their hold on Scotland.

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His figure is that of a grotesque mountebank, intended to inspire joy or drive away pain and sorrow, his hideousness being perhaps supposed actually to scare away the evil spirits.

He tried equally to avoid thinking about his wife, and about Natasha and Prince Andrew; and again everything seemed to him insignificant in comparison with eternity; again the question: for what? presented itself; and he forced himself to work day and night at masonic labors, hoping to drive away the evil spirit that threatened him.

A dog is brought in to take a last look at his inanimate master in order to drive away the evil spirits.

If you tell me every little thing you know or even suspect, I'll just drive away and let you walk down the lane to one of those farm houses we passed.