Sentence Examples with the word drinker

Against the accusation of being a drinker of wine he himself protested in verses which he recited when he sent the army against Ibn Zobair.

El Motaddid was a poet and a lover of letters, who was also a poisoner, a drinker of wine, a sceptic and treacherous to the utmost degree.

He is at once the gigantic eater of Turpin, the huge warrior eight feet high, who could lift the armed knight standing on his open hand to a level with his head, the crusading conqueror of Jerusalem in days before the crusades, and yet with all this the temperate drinker and admirer of St Augustine, as his character had filtered down through various channels from the historical pages of Einhard.

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We can scarcely, therefore, credit the charges made by the adversaries of his chosen successor Yazid, that he was a drinker of wine, fond of pleasure, careless about religion.

Indra was a great drinker of soma juice; a drinking-song by Indra, much bemused with soma, is in R.