Sentence Examples with the word drink

But he was a drunkard and a debauchee, and chroniclers are divided in opinion as to whether he died from the effects of drink or licentious living.

The office confirmed he and Byrne went out to have a drink or three, just the two of them.

At the same foam-fountain, Queequeg seemed to drink and reel with me.

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Of this drink it may well have been said in primitive times (cp. Rig Veda, ix.

Thus it appears that the sweltering inhabitants of Charleston and New Orleans, of Madras and Bombay and Calcutta, drink at my well.

Unlike the modern Hindus, the Aryans of the Veda ate beef, used a fermented liquor or beer made from the soma plant, and offered the same strong meat and drink to their gods.

I can't think straight without a bottle on the table and a drink in my hand.

Their use is for gruel, which used to be consumed as an ordinary drink in the 17th century at the coffee-houses in London.

She had taken a cab and driven home by a side street and the cabman had told her that the people were breaking open the barrels at the drink store, having received orders to do so.

Their funeral mourning consists of abstaining from drink and eating raw beef, and they use a wooden log for a coffin.