Sentence Examples with the word drilled

Oil and gas are often met with in drilled wells under great pressure, which is highest as a rule in the deepest wells.

A powerful force of cavalry was now raised, while at the same time the infantry were drilled in new and more effective modes of fighting.

The wells from which the supplies of natural gas are obtained in the United States are drilled and cased in the same manner as the oil wells.

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In 1783 the empress gave him another estate at Gatchina, where he was allowed to maintain a brigade of soldiers whom he drilled on the Prussian model.

He'd drilled her in how to use and control her gift.

If a number of small enough holes be drilled through a solid substance which is not wetted by the liquid, our knowledge of the phenomena of capillarity shows us that it needs pressure to force the liquid into the holes.

The recruits drilled while singing martial songs.

There was a small judicial staff directed by a chief justice, and there was a native constabulary of about 1000 men, trained and drilled by white officers.

In the spring of 67 the Jewish troops, whom Josephus had drilled so sedulously, fled before the Roman forces of Vespasian and Titus.

By this time Mehemet Ali was the possessor of a powerful fleet and of an army of veterans disciplined and drilled by European officers.