Sentence Examples with the word dresden

Although, then, as the result of the war, Silesia was by the treaty of Dresden transferred from Austria to Prussia, while in Italy by the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748 cessions were made at the expense of the house of Habsburg to the Spanish Don Philip and to Sardinia, the Austrian monarchy as a whole had displayed a vitality that had astonished the world, and was in some respects stronger than at the beginning of the struggle, notably in the great improvement in the army and in the possession of generals schooled by the experience of active service.

Silbermann's 18th-century Dresden pitch, a' 415, and the organs of Renatus Harris, a' 428.7.

The Reformed Church has consistories in Dresden and Leipzig.

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Thus the Allied centre remained inactive all day, cannonaded by the Dresden redoubts.

Here cross and unite the lines from Berlin to Basel, from Cologne to Wiirzburg and Vienna, from Hamburg and Cassel, and from Dresden and Leipzig to France and Switzerland.

He founded at Dresden the first Mortgage Insurance Society (Hypotheken-Versicherungsgesellschaft), and as a result of the success of his work was summoned in 1860 to Berlin as director of the statistical department, in succession to Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Dieterici (1790-1859).

During these years the part of Meissen around Dresden had been in the possession of Frederick, youngest son of the margrave Henry the Illustrious, and when he died in 1316 it came to his nephew Frederick.

But Wagner boldly fought for them, and might have prevailed earlier had he not taken part in the political agitations of 1849, after which his position in Dresden became untenable.

JULIUS HERMANN MORITZ BUSCH (1821-1899), German publicist, was born at Dresden on the 13th of February 1821.

Enormous quantities of cherries, plums and apples are annually borne by the trees round Leipzig, Dresden and Colditz.