Sentence Examples with the word drenched

She was drenched to the skin and rivulets of water ran down her shivering body.

He then carried Cynthia Byrne's limp but still drenched and shivering body through the connecting door to her bed and laid her on one of the towels.

Bianca sat, fully clothed, at one end of the shower, drenched and shaking.

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Although Dean didn't say it, he figured God must be partial to roasting temperature and off the scale humidity that quickly drenched his clothes like an afternoon shower.

It was already late, and Petya had not eaten anything and was drenched with perspiration, yet he did not go home but stood with that diminishing, but still considerable, crowd before the palace while the Emperor dined--looking in at the palace windows, expecting he knew not what, and envying alike the notables he saw arriving at the entrance to dine with the Emperor and the court footmen who served at table, glimpses of whom could be seen through the windows.

The jockeying crowd made it difficult for five-foot Cynthia Dean to catch more than a glimpse of the activity as bodies rolled and washed across the pavement and errant streams drenched the crowd.

For instance, in 1880 Whymper found permanent snow on Cotocachi at 14,500 ft., while near by Imbabura was bare to its summit (15,033 ft.); Antisana was permanently covered at 16,000 ft., and near by Sara-Urcu, which is drenched with rains and mists from the Amazon valley all the year round, at 14,000 ft.; Sincholagua had large beds of permanent snow at 15,300 ft., Cotopaxi was permanently covered at 15,500 ft.

I could barely make out the emblem on the front of the Harvard Tee shirt it was so drenched in blood.

Brady peeled off the top of his suit, drenched in sweat and splattered with blood.

She was drenched and shaking from cold but happy.