Sentence Examples with the word dream

In a dream Christ reproached him with caring more to be a Ciceronian than a Christian.

But a careful study of the seventh poem of the last book, in which Propertius gives an account of a dream of her which he had after her death, leads us to the belief that they were once more reconciled, and that in her last illness Cynthia left to her former lover the duty of carrying out her wishes with regard to the disposal of her effects and the arrangements of her funeral.

It was her fever dream without the heaviness of illness to blur it.

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He also edited the principal publications of the society, including its notable translation of Shakespeare's Dramatic Works, to which he contributed the Midsummer Night's Dream (1864), Hamlet and King John (1867).

Grief had overwhelmed her so completely, it was like a bad dream she could not shake off.

Harness, but how can I harness everything? and Pierre felt with horror that the meaning of all he had seen and thought in the dream had been destroyed.

She had always loved horses, and a horse ranch had been a dream she knew would never come true.

He was liberal to the poor; it was his custom to comment severely in his preaching on the public characters of his times; and he introduced popular reforms in the order and manner of public worship. It is alleged, too, that at a time when the influence of Ambrose required vigorous support, he was admonished in a dream to search for, and found under the pavement of the church, the remains of two martyrs, Gervasius and Protasius.

Then with the Restoration came Episcopacy, and the persecution of all who were not Episcopalians; and the dream and vision of a truly Reformed English Church practically passed away.

Claire, honey, you're such a dream baby; please, not now.