Sentence Examples with the word dread

But now that the moment had come she was filled with dread of what she might see.

A feeling of dread was in the air.

Foreign statesmen who flattered themselves that France was sinking into anarchy and therefore into decay were content to follow their respective ambitions without the dread of French interference.

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This advice was rejected from dread of another revolution in Paris, and a delegation to organize resistance in the provinces was despatched to Tours, but when this was seen to be inefficient Gambetta himself (7th October) quitted Paris in a balloon, and upon arriving at Tours took the supreme direction of affairs as minister of the interior and of war.

The natives do not really respect these wandering friars, but they dread their curses.

This dread of pestilence, united with a puritanic hatred of plays, made the citizens do all they could to discountenance theatrical entertainments.

Taran's gait slowed as he approached, dread sinking into his stomach.

Women don't normally dread climbing into bed with me.

He was awaiting Prince Andrew's return with dread and went every day to the old prince's for news of him.

A kinder or more faithful friend, a deadlier or more dangerous enemy, it would be impossible to dread or to desire.