Sentence Examples with the word drawers

There is a chest of drawers and a three-quarter bed in the attic.

A plan which has been found to answer well is to arrange them in cardboard boxes, either with glass tops or in sliding covers, in drawers - the name being placed outside each box and the specimens gummed into the boxes.

She searched everything again then went to the kitchen, opening all the drawers and cabinets.

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Just need your signature, he said, pulling a file out of one of the drawers in his desk.

Wide flank this, while the shelves or drawers with which the walls are fitted are about 21 ft.

It consists of close-fitting drawers reaching below the knees, with a sash to hold them, and a large white robe.

Cynthia said as she joined the group, absent Martha, who Dean could hear opening drawers and unpacking in her new room.

Edith began to unpile the rest of the clothes, half-slips, long drawers and top coverings that Dean assumed were forerunners of bras.

There is also the felt coat of the Zir jamah are loose trousers and also drawers worn under the .shaivar, or tight trousers.

C A O p the reactionaries in Labour disputes as they would with Bolshevists, and upon the employers to recognize that the working classes could no longer be treated by them as hewers of wood and drawers of water.