Sentence Examples with the word draw off

On the loth, covered by Kaulbars, who held off Nogi, and by strong rearguards at and east of Mukden, the movement continued, and though it was not executed with entire precision, and the rearguards suffered very heavily, the Russians managed to draw off in safety to the northward.

As my mate, you have the ability to draw off my power.

The difficulty found in getting the ships out - one of them grounded - showed how disastrous an attempt to draw off under fire of the forts must have been.

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You're able to draw off Gabe's magic, like I can Rhyn's.

Able to draw off the magic of those around her, she could amplify and redirect it.

Talbot carries on the process as a quasicontinuous instead of an intermittent one, operating on Too-ton or 200-ton lots of cast iron in such a way as to draw off his steel in 20-ton lots at relatively short intervals, charging a fresh 20-ton lot of cast iron to replace each lot of steel thus drawn off, and thus keeping the furnace full of metal from Monday morning till Saturday night.

In view of the fact that the First and Third British Armies were faced with strong positions in the Canal du Nord and the Scheldt canal, which it was advisable to carry prior to the general attack on the Hindenburg line behind the latter obstacle, it was decided that these two armies should open their operations a day earlier than the Fourth Army, so as to draw off the German reserves from the front of that army, which had to deliver the main attack and was faced with the most formidable defences.

All draw off services are taken off from the flow pipe which connects the boiler with the tank.