Sentence Examples with the word draped

It is probable that the face, neck, arms and feet were of ivory, while the rest of the figure was draped in gold, Like the Olympian Zeus of Pheidias, Hera was seated on an elaborately decorated throne, holding in her left hand the sceptre, surmounted in her case by the cuckoo (as that of Zeus had an eagle), and in her right, instead of an elaborate figure of Victory (such as the Athena Parthenos and the Olympian Zeus held), simply a pomegranate.

In spite of the good news of Fred's return, the pall of Martha's continued absence draped over Bird Song.

Xander stroked the cloak draped over his mother's arm.

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Rhyn sat and draped his arms over his knees, staring at the horizon.

He brought her a blanket and draped it over her.

The door to the underground tunnel network was hidden behind a boulder and draped with moss.

Hauling her to the bed, he shook out a pillow from its case and draped the case over her head like a hood.

She peeled off the thick coat and draped it over one bench before seating herself facing the door, as her father had taught her.

In works of art Boreas was represented as bearded, powerful, draped against cold, and winged.

Yet none the less was the new learning, through the open spirit of inquiry it nourished, its vindication of the private reason, its enthusiasm for republican antiquity, and its proud assertion of the rights of human independence, linked by a strong and subtle chain to that turbid revolt of the individual consciousness against spiritual despotism draped in fallacies and throned upon abuses.