Sentence Examples with the word draining

She wondered how many more there would be and doubted she'd last more than another day or two if he kept draining her blood.

Murray estimates the total area of land draining to the Atlantic to be 13,432,000 sq.

He'd stopped draining her healing power, and she felt a change in his body.

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The river Derwent enters the lake from the south and leaves it on the north, draining it through Bassenthwaite lake, to the Irish Sea.

In 1901 the government introduced a bill in the States General, based on the recommendations of the commission, providing for enclosing the Zuider Zee by building a dike from the North Holland coast, through the Amsteldiep to Wieringen and from that island to the Friesland coast at Piaam; and further providing for the draining of two portions of the enclosed area, namely the N.W.

The stronger the solution administered, the greater is the quantity of water that passes into the bowel, a fact to be borne in mind when the salt is administered for the purpose of draining superfluous fluid from the system, as in dropsy.

In 1675 he initiated the works for draining the foul tidal swamps; and, failing the consent of the Company to the erection of a regular hospital, he turned the law court into an infirmary.

The total area draining to the Humber is 9293 sq.

The Frias is wholly a Chilean river, draining an extensive Andean region between the 44th and 45th parallels and discharging into the Puyuguapi channel, which separates Magdalena island from the mainland.

The rivers are merely streams draining the high land.