Sentence Examples with the word drainage area

The whole of the hill country north of Asmara belongs to the drainage area of the Baraka or Anseba.

Its total length (including all bends) from its source to its junction with the Rhine is about 181 m., during which distance it descends 5135 ft., while its drainage area is 6804 sq.

The whole of the land which directs drainage towards one river is known as its basin, catchment area or drainage area - sometimes, by an incorrect expression, as its valley or even its watershed.

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The drainage area is 1132 sq.

It has been maintained that, of the two rivers which unite at NizhniyNovgorod, the Oka, not the Volga, is the chief; the fact is that both in length (818 m.) and in drainage area above the confluence (89,500 sq.

The greater part of western Asia, including the basin of the Obi, the drainage area of the Aral Sea, together with Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Persia and Arabia, was covered by the sea during the later stages of the Cretaceous period; but a considerable part 3f this region was probably dry land in Jurassic times.

In the uplands above the chain of lakes called Stromsvattudal, which are within the drainage area on the Angerman, the Hailing stream forms the magnificent Hdllingsa Fall.

At the mouth of the Selenga, however, which enters from the south-east, pouring into it the waters and the alluvial deposits from a drainage area of 173,500 sq.

The Delaware river, from its junction with the Neversink Creek to the capes, flows along the western and southern borders of the state for a distance of 245 m., and has a total drainage area in New Jersey of 2345 sq.

The length of its valley (excluding the lesser windings of the river) is about 90 m., and the drainage area about 1300 sq.