Sentence Examples with the word dragoon

He saw the frightened and then infuriated face of the dragoon who dealt the blow, the look of silent, timid reproach that boy in the fur-lined coat had turned upon him.

They are bringing another! cried one of the officers, indicating a captive French dragoon who was being brought in on foot by two Cossacks.

The attack was impeded at first by obstacles of ground, but in the melee the weight of the British troopers gradually broke up the enemy, and the charge of the 4th Dragoon Guards, delivered against the flank of the Russian mass, was decisive.

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He was a captain in the 2nd regiment of Prussian Dragoon Guards when he was elected domn or prince of Rumania on the 10th of April 1866, after the compulsory abdication of Prince Alexander John Cuza.

Rostov smilingly reassured the dragoon and gave him money.

Frau Gliick finally rid herself of the girl by marrying her to a Swedish dragoon called Johan.

One of the officers of the dragoon regiment, finding a Latin sentence inscribed on a wall, discovered the condition of the very awkward recruit.

In 1888 he obtained a commission in the 1st Royal Dragoon Guards.

For thirteen days a cannonade of the town was continued without effect; and on the 20th of April, news having come in from the advanced guard at Hamad of large reinforcements to the besieged, General Stewart was compelled to retreat; and a dragoon was despatched to Lieutenant-colonel Macleod, commanding at Hamad, with orders to fall back.

The dragoon was about to repeat his blow.