Sentence Examples with the word doxology

At a famous place in the doxology of 1 Timothy iii.

The doxology would then be shifted from after xiv.

This doxology is also used in the Protestant Episcopal and Methodist Episcopal churches of America, as indeed in most Protestant churches at the eucharist.

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Contains a separate note (1-23), together with a doxology (25-27).

The textual phenomena of the doxology (xvi.

In these and other early liturgies the Greater Doxology occurs immediately after the beginning of the service; in the English prayer-book it introduced at the close of the communion office, but it does not occur in either the morning or evening service.

And when that's done, ten to one I sing ye the doxology for a wind-up.

And when those defendants were remonstrated with, their captain snapped his fingers in the plaintiffs' teeth, and assured them that by way of doxology to the deed he had done, he would now retain their line, harpoons, and boat, which had remained attached to the whale at the time of the seizure.

The exilarch then delivered a discourse, and in the benediction or doxology (Qaddish) his name was inserted.