Sentence Examples with the word dowry

Daughter of the prince of Kermian, who brought him in dowry Kutaiah and its six dependent provinces.

His patrimony and his wife's dowry must both have been trifling.

In addition to the hand of Catherine, however, the English king asked for a large dowry both in money and lands, and when these demands were rejected war broke out.

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This treaty provided that Maximilian's daughter Margaret should marry Charles, the dauphin of France, and have for her dowry Artois and FrancheComte, two of the provinces in dispute, while the claim of Louis on the duchy of Burgundy was tacitly admitted.

During the 14th century Cricklade formed part of the dowry of the queens of England.

Of Denmark for the payment of the dowry of his daughter Margaret, betrothed to James III.

The dowry might include real estate, but generally consisted of personal effects and household furniture.

In that case the dowry must be returned to the wife.

In Domesday it was royal demesne and during the following centuries figures in numerous grants generally as the dowry of queens.

The icons, and my dowry bed, all the rest is lost.