Sentence Examples with the word downstream

The view downstream and directly below the bridge was awesome.

In dams of moderate height above ground and considerable depth below ground there is, moreover, no reason why advantage should not be taken of the earth resistance due either to the downstream face of the trench against which the foundations are built, or to the materials excavated and properly embanked against that face above the ground level or to both.

The mooring chains, weighing 22 lb per ft., are taken from the upstream end of each pontoon to a downstream screw pile mooring and from the downstream end to an upstream screw pile.

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This structure was twice as long as the last one and was augmented by a downstream modern bridge.

At Ulm, where the river leaves Wurttemberg and enters Bavaria, it is joined by a large tributary, the Iller, and from this point becomes navigable downstream for specially constructed boats carrying loo tons of merchandise.

A tow-haired boy happily dropped a Marlboro cigarette box in the churning water and then ran downstream to monitor its progress.

All streams, from the tiniest rill to the greatest river, are continually engaged in transporting downstream solid particles of rock, the product of weathering agencies in the area which they drain.

As originally designed, the flooring of the barrage from up-stream to downstream face was 111.50 ft.