Sentence Examples with the word downfall

Upon this apparently trifling question arose a controversy which lasted many years, occupied several universities, and led to the interposition of personages no less important than the pope and the emperor, but which is thought to have largely contributed to the final downfall of the Arabian medicine.

When, ex ruler of Tabriz, and one of Jenghiz Khan's lieutenants, the Seljukian Empire was at the point of dissolution, most of its feudatory vassals helped rather than hindered its downfall in the hope of retaining their fiefs as independent sovereigns.

They hastened Mancinis downfall (17th June 1885), and prepared the advent of count di Robilant, who three months later succeeded Mancini at the Italian Foreign Office.

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Soon after the events of April, Talaat Bey, destined to fame as a sinister figure largely responsible for the downfall of the Ottoman Empire, became Minister of the Interior as one of the Committee's nominees in the Government.

The Jews prayed for his recovery and lamented him, The Gentile soldiers exulted in the downfall of his dynasty, which they signalized after their own fashion.

After the downfall of Athens at the end of the Peloponnesian War the Thebans, finding that Sparta intended to protect the states which they desired to annex, broke off the alliance.

At the downfall of Robespierre, Paine was restored to his seat in the convention, and served until it adjourned in October 1795.

The foundation of the Mongolian empire in the beginning of the 13th century did not disturb the position of the Nestorian church; but the revival of the Mahommedan power, which was coincident with the downfall of the Mongolian empire, was pregnant with disaster for her.

George himself as a boy of fourteen took part in the great battle of Lipan, which marks the downfall of the more advanced Taborites.

The same year witnessed the downfall of Napoleon's persistent enemy, Gustavus IV.