Sentence Examples with the word downed

She'd slept only when they were safe inside the emerops facilities and downed anti-sleepers between.

The two men downed a second cup of coffee as Dean brought Fred up to date, relating his phone conversation with Cece Baldwin.

She was silently thanking the heavens for rescuing her, until one of the men in black entered the garage and began shooting the downed men a second time around.

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A warm, late spring breeze held just a dash of chill, which was kept at bay by the internal warmth of the three margaritas she'd downed less than an hour before.

It crossed her mind that she couldn't get dehydrated in this rain, but she obediently downed some of the water.

Jackson downed his drink, picked up his glass of blood, went to the bar and grabbed three bottles of scotch.

She checked the status of the systems from her micro and downed dehydrated meal bars and anti-sleepers.

The sword implanted next to the downed man's ear, and her small gasp drew the attention of the observers.

She downed her painkillers with a swig of alcohol.

Brady turned to his team of five, which were gathered around the downed man.