Sentence Examples with the word down the stairs

Dean rushed to her side, just as Donald Ryland came out of his room, in time to catch a glance at the departing man who turned and strolled down the stairs to the street.

It rang a dozen or so times before I half-fell down the stairs and located it.

Barks and roars from further down the stairs made her stop and grip the railing.

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Sarah floated down the stairs with Connor in tow.

Jack, the shepherd mix, nudged her, and she trotted down the stairs and up the steps to her elderly neighbor's condo.

She flew down the stairs and through the teeming hallways.

Xander swung his feet down and strode through the apartment and down the stairs to the ground floor, intrigued by who dared try to push their way into his apartment.

Darian withdrew from her and the room, trotting down the stairs to hunt down the phone.

He took her hand and they started down the stairs together, approaching the wolf with reticence.

She opened the stairwell door and hurried down the stairs two floors then darted into a hallway to the elevator.