Sentence Examples with the word dower

The rights of dower and courtesy both obtain.

On the outward journey he wintered in Sicily, where he employed himself in quarrelling with Philip and in exacting satisfaction from the usurper Tancred for the dower of his widowed sister, Queen Joanna, and for his own share in the inheritance of William the Good.

Thus his name is associated with the Fines and Recoveries Abolition Act 1833; the Inheritance Act 1833; the Dower Act 1833; the Real Property Limitation Act 1833; the Wills Act 1837; one of the Copyhold Tenure Acts 1841; and the Judgments Act 1838.

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Her dower is not lost by a divorce resulting from the fault or misconduct of the husband.

The great feudatories accepted his legislation on dower in 1214 and 1219 and the etablissement of 1209 making co-heirs of fiefs hold direct from the king and not from one of their number.

A widow has a dower right to one-third of her husband's real estate and to the share of a child in his personal estate.

In 1074 a new rupture led to Philip seizing Corbie, part of the dower of his aunt Adele, who had married Baldwin IV.

Neither can by will deprive the other of the right of dower or courtesy in the real estate and of the right to one-third of the personal estate.

In all these cases the father might dower her.

It was led by Lord Lovel, Richards chamberlain and admiral; but the insurgents dispersed when Henry marched against them with a large force (1486), and Lovel took refuge in Flanders with Margaret of York, the widow of Charles the Bold of Burgundy, whose dower towns were the refuge of all English exiles, and whose coffers were always open to subsidize plots against her nieces husband.